What We Do





Project Bilal aims to provide a wide range of stimulating, confidence-building and enjoyable out-of-school activities for children with disabilities. The children will be supported by highly committed and experienced professionals already working in the special needs sector, as well as by trained volunteers.


One of the main reasons for children with disabilities not being able to access out-of-school activities is that most providers do not have enough personnel to give adequate supervision and instruction. In addition, many providers lack the necessary expertise, and hence do not have the confidence to cater for their needs. At Project Bilal, the needs of each child will be assessed prior to their joining the group, to ensure that sufficient and suitable support is in place when they join.

Although we are open to applications from all faiths and backgrounds, our activities will, in part, reflect the fact that we are based in the middle of Leicester’s large Muslim community. This is a community which has historically struggled to access special needs provision, for a variety of reasons. Some of the activities that we offer, therefore, will have a religious flavour, although this will be suitably pitched and delivered in short, creative sessions, enabling the children to access religious instruction in a way that they are not able to in Leicester’s mosque schools.

Other activities, which will include art and crafts, drama, sports, homework help, tuition, independence skills and even languages, will be delivered on a rolling menu according to demand. One of our main objectives is to assist in the process of turning potentially vulnerable children into confident, independent adults.


Whether or not their children wish to access our out-of-school services, parents can contact us at any time via email for information about provision, benefits and general advice about their children’s needs. In addition, our website provides links to various organizations in the city and beyond.

In the longer term, we hope to be able to offer a much-needed respite service to parents and carers of children who need significant levels of care. We plan to do this by providing residential opportunities, and also, where appropriate, respite services within the home setting. We also intend to develop a support service, offering advocacy and advice about benefits, allowances, school meetings and health care issues to parents and carers.